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Pro Florida Tree Service provides comprehensive tree services including tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding in Woodville. In addition, Pro Florida Tree Service can assist you with land clearing, tree cutting, tree care, tree pruning, wood chipping, and brush removal in Woodville. We service both residential and commercial customers. Contact us today at 844-951-3060 to learn more about our services.

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With our qualifications and expertise of the tree servicing as well as the demolition industry.

Woodville Tree Services

From tree cutting to emergency tree removal and stump grinding, we are proud to offer a variety of tree care services in Woodville. Take a look at what we can do for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

tree trimming service in Woodville

Woodville Tree Trimming

Pro Florida Tree Service tree trimming service is locally-owned and operated and we have extensive experience in the field along with a reputation for exceeding expectations. We have a team of tree care specialists which include certified arborists as well as a number of other trained professionals. We work together to get the job done right and we will do so in a timely and cost-effective manner. Periodic trimming and pruning ensures the trees on your residential or commercial property remain healthy for years. In addition to promoting healthy tree growth, trimming and pruning provide aesthetic benefits, as the tree will look neater. Pro Florida Tree Service are expert in tree trimming services including unwanted branches, trim those branches which encroach property structure as well as improving the look of your trees in the landscape.

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Woodville Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed, the left behind roots and stump in the garden are challenging to dig out. Left intact, the tree stump is dangerous. Stumps can be hard to see and may provide a hazard for people walking in the area. Stumps are also unattractive and can provide a lure for certain insects and pests. Stump grinding restores the natural state of the yard. With our stump grinding services at Pro Florida Tree Service, we will remove deeply embedded tree stumps from your property in Woodville, FL. The team Pro Florida Tree Service uses the proven and most effective methods to guarantee the job is done rightly. We offer residential and commercial stump grinding in all areas of Woodville, FL.

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stump grinder service in Woodville
tree removal service in Woodville

Woodville Tree Removal

When your trees creating some issues they diseased, damaged or having unwanted pests and spreading to other trees then its time to call Pro Florida Tree Service professional services to remove your trees. We are offering best tree removing services in Woodville area for any of reason include dead trees falling on personal property, creating visibility issues from windows etc., required specific area for building or road construction. With our tree removal services at Pro Florida Tree Service, you can avoid the risk and havoc of infected tree, damaged tree, dead tree or unwanted tree.

When Pro Florida Tree Service gives an estimate, we will point out the visible, reasonable dangers and offer you the best ways for your tree removal service.

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About Pro Florida Tree Service

With our qualifications and expertise of the tree servicing as well as the demolition industry.

We Have Professional Arborists For Tree Care And Tree Service At Pro Florida Tree Service. We Provide Tree Pruning, Trimming, Fertilization, Diagnosing Pest Problems Or Plant Diseases, Tree Planting, Stump Grinding, Stump Removal, Wood Chipping, Brush Removal, Storm Damage Clean Up And Other Arboricultural Services in Woodville.

Affordable Flordia Tree Service in Woodville

With a continuous dedication to professional and reliable tree care services in the entire state of Flordia, the skilled and certified tree care professionals at Pro Florida Tree Service provide a wide array of services that include:
We offer free same-day estimates, to help you decide on the future of your landscape trees. You can expect a quick response from our reliable team who can get to your address hours, or at most with a day after you call. You will find our team members are professional, courteous, and prompt during all tree care estimates. During the estimate process, we will listen to your needs and offer suggestions as to how to both Improve The Health Of Your Trees but also save money during the process. We are willing to go the extra mile by not only offering a free estimate, but also professional recommendations regarding the health of your trees. We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on all our tree services, so you can rest assured the job will be done right if you choose Pro Florida Tree Services.
tree service in

About Pro Florida Tree Servicepro flordia tree service in

You may not see the value of tree care until something unusual happens with your trees and landscape. Many homeowners overlook their tree's health, then reap the consequences of their neglect. For this reason, we urge you to take action when you see a problematic tree in your yard. When you notice an overgrown or a diseased tree, it is time to call the experts to resolve the matter before it gets worst. However, ensure you only work with licensed, professional tree care experts. Tree work can be tricky and can put you in danger. For this reason, it is crucial to look for a company that is not only skilled but also considers your safety at all times. Pro Flordia Tree Service continues to prove our reliability through the years. We have hundreds of satisfied clients who can vouch for our commitment to tree service. No matter how simple or complicated the task may be, we always exert the same effort and professionalism to meet the expectations of our clients. 

Don't just go for the first tree company that pops up in the search results. It would be best if you looking for a company that can perform the job correctly the first time. Below are some of the characteristics that you should consider in a tree service company before hiring them:
Trustworthy- Whoever you choose to do the tree service work will have full access to your property. Whether you are there to oversee the task or not, you need to trust them with your valuable asset. This is the reason why you need a company that you can entrust your property to. Pro Florida Tree Service can give you the assurance that all our employees are screened, and background checked for your security. 
Hardworking- Pro Florida Tree Service is the company for busy people. We understand that you have a lot on your plate and you need to get the job done right the first time. Our team will not leave your yard without finishing what we have started and cleaned up all the tree debris.
Knowledgeable- Tree service goes beyond the knowledge of using a chainsaw. Most tree care calls for a specialized set of skills and equipment to ensure the safety and completeness of the project. You need to work with a tree service company that has a proven record for excellence and safety. 
Honesty- We don't beat around the bush and leave any areas of confusion. We offer estimates that are based on the real situation of your tree, as well as other factors that drive the cost of the service. We can also walk you through the written estimate for your peace of mind. We are transparent with our dealings and inform our customers of what they need to know. 

If the company you are considering fails to meet one or more of these characteristics, it should be a red flag. It would be best if you started looking for another company that embodies all these traits. Don't hire a company just because they offer cheap process or because they are the first ones you saw online. For all you know, they only care about your money.  

Professionalism Is The Key To Grow A Company

We strongly believe that success is impossible without professionalism. At Pro Florida Tree Service, we perform all our tasks with a high level of respect and professionalism. You can distinguish an amateur company from an expert by the way they deal with the customer. A professional company can answer all your questions about the service without hesitation. They will not leave you confused with the process but will make sure everything is understood. As a Professional Tree Care Company, we aim to provide efficient and safe service that will satisfy our customer's expectations. 

Our respectful and friendly representative will take care of your concern when you call us for service. If you choose to contact us via email, you will receive an email addressing your concern. We can also give you a call if that is more convenient to you. We can then set an appointment so we can evaluate the situation of your tree. You can use this time to ask us questions about the work to be done, including the fees. We will show you why we are the go-to tree service company of most homeowners in Florida. 

Rest assured that we will give you our full attention from the start to the end of the project. We perform all our tasks meticulously, giving importance to every little detail. While other companies do their jobs haphazardly, we make sure to consider everything before moving to another job. Pro Florida Tree Service commits treat your trees, landscape, and overall property with respect and care. 

Why Choose A Professional Yet Affordable Tree Service in Woodville?affordable tree service in

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a professional tree company, but we can say that without them, tree care, in general, is work that requires both care and skill. Further, tree service work can be hazardous, especially are larger trees. Keep this mind: your safety is more important than the money you save from doing tree care by yourself. Tree Care, especially Tree Removal, is highly dangerous, so we don't recommend doing it without the help of a professional. 
Hiring a professional will remove any risk when things get out of hand in terms of the size of the job. A Professional Tree Company has the essential skills and experience that are critical for any tree work. Also, people think that hiring a professional company means a lot of spending of money. While you need to pay for expert services, it doesn't necessarily mean spending too much. If you look for a company that offers both quality and affordability, you can realize great value. Besides, professional tree service is less expensive than medical bills or repair costs. 

Our Tree Services in Woodville

We offer a complete range of tree care services to cater to your various tree requirements. We deliver professional, reliable, and affordable services to home and business around throughout the state of Flordia. You are just one call away from the best tree service in town. Call us today to get a free estimate on the service of your choice. 

Tree Removal in Woodville

Whether we like it or not, some trees have to go. When a tree has reached its maximum capacity to sustain its health and is beyond care, there is no other way around but to have it removed. Tree removal is crucial to ensure you and your property's safety.  Don’t attempt to remove a large tree yourself.  It is easy to get “over-your-head” with a large tree as branches are very heavy, and the tree debris can add up quickly. Call Pro Florida Tree Service to ensure your tree removal job is done efficiently and safely.  

Tree Trimming in Woodville

Property owners often neglect to trim their trees routinely, which is an essential part of maintaining your trees and landscape. Tree Trimming in Woodville is an effective way to maintain a tree's health and shape. Unlike forest trees, which can grow unchecked, trees in a yard require more care to ensure they fit within the landscape and don't encroach upon property structures. Further, trimming trees improves their health by allowing stronger growth to flourish while removing weaker and dead structures that impair a tree's ability to repair itself. Regular tree trimming is critical to ensure your trees stay healthy and beautiful.  

Storm Damage Clean Up in Woodville

Even the healthiest trees can bow to the winds brought by an intense Flordia storm. Many factors can damage your beloved tree, including strong winds and even rare ice storms. A toppled tree can block your way and produce a pile of debris on your property. Our team is always ready to address your emergency tree situations and restore the order and safety at your property. Further, as a preventive measure, when your tree has overgrown branches, it is time to call a professional to minimize the risk of storm damage. If not addressed, these branches will hang over your roof and create potential risks. A tree can also entangle utility lines, which is very dangerous and should be addressed immediately. 

Stump Grinding in Woodvillestump grinding in

Once your tree has been removed, the final step is to deal with the remaining tree stump. While some homeowners choose to leave is as it is, we recommend having it ground down for safety and aesthetic reasons. Grinding a stump requires specialized equipment and one that is not readily available to property owners. Pro Florida Tree Service operates the best stump grinders to eliminate any sized tree stump in your yards. After we're done with the job, you will find little evidence the stump was ever there.  

From Start to Finish, We Got You Covered

You can count on us to deliver first-class tree service from start to finish. There is no need for you to look for multiple tree service companies to meet your landscape's various needs. Pro Flordia Tree Service can deliver all your tree care needs and more.  Our team consists of skilled, experienced, and trustworthy professionals. We invest in nothing but the best when it comes to the equipment and tools that we utilize, making sure they are well-maintained. There is no tree service job that we cannot complete. You can send us an email or call us now to learn more about the services we offer. We will be more than pleased to answer all your queries regarding our tree services. We will be prompt with our response and set an appointment immediately. The estimate we provide will reflect all the pertinent details of the job to include a fair price. You don't have to agree to our terms and purchase our service until you are sure we are the best. However, we trust you will come to that conclusion after shopping around.  

Tree Services

With our qualifications and expertise of the tree servicing as well as the demolition industry.

Woodville, FL Location

Pro Florida Tree Service

Pro Florida Tree Service, Woodville, FL

Woodville Information

Woodville is a census-designated place in Leon County, Florida, United States, just south of Tallahassee, Florida. The population was 2,978 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Tallahassee, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. The American Civil War Battle of Natural Bridge, in March 1865, occurred in what is now Woodville, at the Natural Bridge (approximately six miles from Woodville proper). This is where the St. Marks River drops into a sinkhole, the Natural Bridge Sink and flows underground, reemerging .25 miles (0.40 km) later.



  • We had a couple of trees that were either infected or dead. Pro Florida Tree Service was not only quick to set up a consultation after my call,
    but they were also clear in their method, via in their evaluation and also got the job done quickly and without difficulty.

    - John A
  • Extremely specialist staff. Got the job done quick, tidied up all debris and were very knowledgeable. Very advise Pro Florida Tree Service.

    - Kristen M

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